Political and social remittances have by now a prominent place in debates about migration but still require conceptual and empirical development. I started this stream of my research jointly with Professor Gwendolyn Sasse with whom I have analysed a large corpus of letters which German migrants in the US sent back to Germany during the 19th and 20th century. Through the analysis of these letters we shed new light on the impacts of migration on questions of identity and migrant networks. To this end we explore new ways of text analysis, in particular combinations of qualitative content analysis, network analysis and quantitative methods for analysing large corpora. We have also explored different ways of visualising such data with the help of Martin Hadley from the Interactive Data Network  at Oxford. You can find out more here.

In September 2016 Gwendolyn Sasse, Sarah Garding and myself organised a workshop in Oxford, Nuffield College, on Political, Social, and Economic Migrant Remittances: Content, Social Networks, and Impacts.

A second workshop on Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism: Narratives, Political Practices and the Role of the State took place in Oxford, Nuffield College, in June 2017 (programme available here). This one was organised with Lea Müller-Funk. Many thanks to Emma Chippendale for having created a wonderful podcast of the event.


Two Centuries of Flows Between ‘Here’ and ‘There’: Political Remittances and Their Transformative Potential, in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46:6/2020: 1003-24 (with Lea Müller-Funk).

Language, Locality, and Transnational Belonging: Remitting the Everyday Practice of Cultural Integration, in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46:6/2020: 1072-93 (with Gwendolyn Sasse).

The Simultaneity of Feeling German and Being American: Analyzing 150 Years of Private Migrant Correspondence, in Migration Studies, 2020, 8:2/2020: 161-88 (with Gwendolyn Sasse).

Integration and Identities: The Effect of Time, Migrant Networks, and Political Crises on the Germans in the US, in Comparative Studies in Society and History, 60:4/2018: 1029-65 (with Gwendolyn Sasse). See also: Deciphering Migrants’ Letters, CSSH Behind the Scenes, 07.11.2018.

Migrantische Netzwerke und Integration: Das transnationale Kommunikationsfeldsfeld deutscher Einwandererfamilien in den USA, in Zeitschrift für vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, 12:1/2018: 211-28 (with Gwendolyn Sasse).


Deciphering Migrants’ Letters, CSSH Behind the Scenes, 07.11.2018.

Zerrissen zwischen zwei Welten: Wie Deutsche in den USA um ihre Identität rangen, verfasst von Mitsuo Iwamoto, in Tagesspiegel, 25.07.2018. Link zur pdf.

Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism, podcast created by Emma Chippendale about a conference which I organised with Lea Müller-Funk. Conference Report available here.

Becoming American. How Germans Integrated in the US, with Gwendolyn Sasse, published in Nuffield College Magazine, Summer 2016, Issue 16.

Writing home: How German immigrants found their place in the US, with Gwendolyn Sasse, published in The Conversation, 18.02.2016.

And here is one of the cool visualisations of the letter collection:


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