Here is a selection of short comment pieces and other attempts at conveying my work beyond strictly academic publications.

ZOiS Spotlights

Victory Day at 75+1, 05.05.2021. German.

How United Is Belarus against the Regime?, 17.02.2021. German.

Belarus’s Presidential Election: An Appetite for Change, with Maryia Rohava, 29.07.2020. German.

Poland’s Viral Election, 06.05.2020. German.

Artistic Tastes and Socio-Political Values of Young Russians, 04.03.2020.  German.

What Does Europe Mean for Young Poles, 22.05.2019. German.

Memory Laws and Polish Voices from Abroad, 06.02.2019. German.

Historical Loyalty? Russian Youth and Its Assessment of History, 14.11.2018. German.

Enraged young Russians?, 03.05.2017. German.


Belarus at a Crossroads: Attitudes on Social and Political Change, ZOiS Report 03/2021, with Nadja Douglas, Regina Elsner, Julia Langbein, Gwendolyn Sasse.

Young Worlds? Political and Social Views of Young People in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, FES Youth Study, December 2020. Also in Russian as Мир – молодым? Социально-политические взгляды молодежи России, Украины и Белоруссии.

World War II for Young Russians: The Production and Reception of History, ZOiS Report 01/2020, with Nina Frieß, April 2020.

Youth in Belarus: Outlook on Life and Political Attitudes, ZOiS Report 05/2019, October 2019.

Youth in Poland: Outlook on Life and Political Attitudes, ZOiS Report 04/2019, September 2019.

Youth in Russia: Outlook on Life and Political Attitudes, ZOiS Report 01/2018, with Gwendolyn Sasse, June 2018.

Other short publications

Young Russians Are Angry but Not Opposition-Minded, Oxford Analytica Daily Brief, 08.07.2021.

Так кто же освободил Освенцим?, Коммерсантъ “Петербургский диалог”, 22.06.2021. Facsimile.

Wer befreite Auschwitz wirklich?, Petersburger Dialog, 19.06.2021. Facsimile.

Understanding the Mental Maps of Europe through the Language of Memory, Ideology Theory Practice, with ‪Rieke Trimçev, Gregor Feindt, and Friedemann Pestel, 10.05.2021

Russisch-deutsche Geschichtskonkurrenzen: Kriegsende oder Tag des Sieges?, Hauptstadtbrief, 09.05.2021.

Hat der Protest Belarus bereits verändert?, Dekoder, 13.04.2021.

Belarus Protests: Why People Have Been Taking to the Streets – New Data, The Conversation, 04.02.2021

Young Belarusians Are Turning Away from Russia and Looking Towards Europe, The Conversation, 03.09.2020.

Digital Natives versus Security Hardliners, Berlin Policy Journal, with Nadja Douglas, 14.08.2020.

Belarus Votes on Sunday. Our New Survey Shows What Young Voters Are Thinking, The Washington Post – Monkey Cage, 07.08.2020.

Ahead of Constitutional Reform Vote, Two-Thirds of Young Russians Think Vladimir Putin Should Step Back from Power, The Conversation, with Gwendolyn Sasse, 24.06.2020.

Russlands Jugend und der Zweite Weltkrieg, Dekoder, with Nina Frieß, 07.05.2020.

Fenster auf nach Westen – Weissrussland sucht sich vorsichtig aus der russischen Umklammerung zu lösen, in Neue Züricher Zeitung, 14.11.2019. Facsimile.

Young Russians Are Increasingly Prepared to Protest, Oxford Analytica Daily Brief, 24.09.2019.

Young Russians Are Losing Trust in Putin’s Regime and Thinking of Leaving the Country, The Conversation, with Gwendolyn Sasse, 06.09.2019.

One out of Five Russians Wants to Leave the Country. Here’s Who They Are, The Washington Post – Monkey Cage, with Gwendolyn Sasse, 12.08.2019.

Erinnerungsgesetze und Nationsbildung im östlichen Europa, Erinnerungskulturen: Erinnerung und Geschichtspolitik im östlichen und südöstlichen Europa, 26.07.2019.

Deciphering Migrants’ Letters, CSSH Behind the Scenes, 07.11.2018.

Russische Jugend zwischen Rebellion und Integration, Russland-Analysen, 06.10.2017.

Vergnügter Tabubruch: Per Klick durchs KZ?, with Rieke Trimçev, in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 25.01.2017.

Writing home: How German immigrants found their place in the US, The Conversation, with Gwendolyn Sasse, 18.02.2016.


Was macht das Flugverbot mit Belarus?, Zurück zum Thema, 26.05.2021.

Erinnerung an die Sowjetunion und ihren Zerfall, Roundtable Osteuropa 20/2021, Podcast with Irina Sherbakova and Gwendolyn Sasse.

Belarus Protests and Surveys, The Conversation Weekly, 04.02.2021.

Neue Protest-Aufrufe in Belarus, Deutschlandfunk, 23.08.2020.

Belarus in Turmoil, Roundtable Osteuropa 18/2020, Podcast with Nadja Douglas and Stefanie Orphal.

9 May in Russia: Memory (Politics) of World War II. Roundtable Osteuropa 14/2020, Podcast with Nina Frieß and George Soroka.

Belarus after the Elections: The Role of Youth in Politics, Roundtable Osteuropa 10/2019, Podcast with Maryia Rohova and Gwendolyn Sasse.

Belarus: Vorschau auf die Parlamentswahl, Roundtable Osteuropa 9/2019, Podcast with Adam Busuleanu and Nadja Douglas.

Proteste in Russland: Die Situation nach den Wahlen, Roundtable Osteuropa 8/2019, Podcast with Janis Kluge and Gwendolyn Sasse.

Political Remittances –Migration und der Transfer politischer Ideen, Roundtable Osteuropa 2/2019, Podcast with Magdalena Nowicka and Lea Müller-Funk.

Circulating across Europe? Transgressive Narratives about the
, podcast conceived by George Soroka and myself about a conference organised in Cambridge, MA. Conference programme is available here.

EU Views and the Future of Europe, Podcast Interview for Center
for the Study of Europe, Boston University
, 13.02.2017.

Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism, podcast created by Emma Chippendale about a conference organised with Lea Müller-Funk. Conference Report available here.

Andy Eggers and Félix Krawatzek on Text in the Social Sciences, 22.03.2016