Here to Stay: The Politics of History in Eastern Europe

Special Issue published in East European Politics and Society

Krawatzek, Félix & Soroka, George. (2021). Circulation, Conditions, Claims: Examining the Politics of Historical Memory.

Koposov, Nikolay. (2021). Populism and Memory: Legislation of the Past in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.

Davydova-Minguet, Olga. (2021). Performing Memory in Conflicting Settings: Russian Immigrants and Remembrance of WWII in Finland.

Divald, Susan. (2021). Looking to the Past to Survive the Future: The Hungarian Minority in Slovakia.

Soroka, George. (2021). Recalling Katyń: Poland, Russia, and the Interstate Politics of History.

Krawatzek, Félix. (2021). Remembering a Contentious Past: Resistance and Collaboration in the Former Soviet Union.

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